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The world’s first and only automated microfat processing device.

Microfat - a Natural Alternative to Fillers.

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Autologous Cells

Use the body’s own natural fat cells (adipocytes) to repair, rejuvenate and restore tissue.

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Expanded Use, More Value

Syntr allows you to process up to 15ml of a patient’s own fat, allowing you to fill multiple areas at once.

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Natural Results1

Smooth and natural looking results using autologous high quality microfat.

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Long-Lasting Potential1,6

Injections can last months and even years.


Correction of flat forehead to improve facial profile, reduce wrinkles and soften fine lines


Fat transplant may create a younger-looking under-eye, by filling in fat loss in the periorbital region.7


Microfat transfer to the mid-face and cheeks can enhance volume, producing a smoother and more natural contour.


Create natural volume and preferred contouring

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Nasolabial fold

Smoothed out facial expressions become more natural and vibrant


Plump lips and soften the appearance of lines


Achieve more natural results in both texture and shape

Hips & Buttocks

Fat transplant into these areas makes the legs look longer and enhance the shape of the buttocks.

Finally, fat transfer that’s easy.

We know how it feels to be disappointed by current fat processing options in the Aesthetic field. That’s why we created the SyntrFuge system – the only automated microfat processing system.

Easy to Operate

Automation means less time spent operating

Repeatable Output

Automation means repeatable results

Retention Rate

Better adherence of micronized fat, high cell viability

Small Cannulas

Microfat allows for use of smaller cannulas – making it safer and more precise


Process and treat patients in less than 45 minutes

Better Bottom Line

Lower costs for patients, new revenue steam for your practice

Outpatient Setting

Doesn’t require an operating room – can process tissue in an outpatient setting

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