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The Endless Possibilities of Microfat

The autologous fat grafting market is rapidly growing. Non-invasive procedures are in high demand in the cosmetic industry which has led to a rising demand for autologous fat grafting.

The global facial fat transfer market will be worth nearly 4 billion dollars by the year 2027.8

More than 1.6 billion dollars were spent on injectables in 2019.9

Of the 35,880 buttock augmentation procedures performed in 2019, 95% (or 34,086) consisted of fat transfer.9

In 2019 Facial Fat transfer was ranked the 9th most common surgical procedure in the US, and the 1st in the fat transfer category.9

Syntr’s Promising Path

  • The only FDA-Cleared automated microfat processing system on the market.
  • $2.2 million in seed funding
  • US & International Patents
  • Autologous and Natural solution to synthetic fillers
  • Targeting a Single application
  • Tissue processing time under 10 min.

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