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The SyntrFuge System

The SyntrFuge System is the world’s first and only device with FDA clearance that automates the processing of autologous fat to aid in healing and rejuvenation. Syntr offers a superior way to process microfat that is unlike current fat grafting options.

Now you can offer natural, easy, and dependable fat transfers in-office in as little as 45 minutes, without the need for an operating room.

Our Mission

Syntr Health Technologies, Inc is a start-up company that was founded by biomedical engineers and experienced surgeons. Together, we have developed and tested a processing device, the SyntrFuge™ System, for the microsizing of adipose tissue for body contouring.

How microfat is processed is incredibly important to its viability. The SyntrFuge System utilizes the precision of automation to deliver dependable results every time. We are on a mission to empower practices to offer innovative and natural solutions for their patients.

Meet the Syntr Team

syntr team zobi

Ahmed Zobi

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

syntr team hugo

Hugo Salas

Co-Founder, VP Business Development

syntr team justin

Justin Stovner

Co-Founder, VP Engineering of Syntr

syntr team vet kang

Annie Kang

Researcher, Veterinary Sciences

Business Advisors

syntr team adv dane

Dane Shackleford

Board Member

syntr team adv king

Ron King, PhD

Clinical Research, Advisory Board Member

Scientific Advisors

Syntr is working with dozens of world-renowned Plastic Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Wound Care Specialists, Gastrointestinal Surgeons, Veterinary Surgeons, and other specialties from various prestigious universities. With this multidisciplinary Advisory Committee, we aim to bring our device into multiple surgical specialties in the coming years.

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