The World’s First and Only Automated Microfat Processing System

Natural healing and rejuvenation using the body’s own fat tissue. We’ve made it easier, more affordable and consistent.

Discover the Potential of Fat Transfer

Use the body’s own fat cells for natural rejuvenation and healing

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100% Natural1

Fat transfer uses the body’s own adipose tissue – without the use of chemicals or enzymes.

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Reparative Cells2,3

Fat tissue includes reparative cells to aid with healing and rejuvenation.

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Minimally Invasive

Harvesting and processing fat can be done through minimally invasive means.

How It's Done

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SyntrFuge System

The SyntrFuge system is a simple and easy-to-use device. Fat cells are injected into the AdipoChambers™. It passes back and forth through the AdipoSets™ creating microfat with high cell viability.

SyntrFPU 360

The SyntrFPU 360; an accessory device to the SyntrFuge System, spins the AdipoSets to facilitate the microsizing of adipose tissue in a repeatable and reproducible manner, thus creating a high-quality output that’s ready to be injected back into the body with ease.

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The Only Automated Fat Processing System

The Power of Automation

Automation is the key to making fat transfers more effective. It means easier operation, faster procedures and less variability in output.

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